New album “Dissonant Breakpunk Heretics”


Full length album. Breakcore/mashup armageddon. Stay alert.
Release date: winter 2014. 


Remixing Guts Pie Earshot!


Copy/paste from Guts Pie Earshot website:

Additionally to our "AMPARO FUGAZ" CD we asked friends to remix or to interprate the song „Amparo …“. We are really so impressed and happy about the trax wich happened! So enjoy these different versions (and some version of “old” trax too…).

Disbreakz remix (cello Vs. breakcore):

Various Artists: Subvert Ravers From Breakpunk Hell


V/A Subvert Ravers From Breakpunk Hell
Label: D-Trash Records
Catalog: DTRASH182
Released: October 2013

The third in the D-TRASH Subvert Punx compilations, this exciting 2013 collection features tracks from DISBREAKZ, DISTONN, MIDI FISTER and FAT FRUMOS. This allegiance of breakpunks give us a fresh 12 track mishmash of fast, glitchy, neoravering d’n’jungle beats, representing Croatia, Russia, USA, Ukraine.

Breakcore worldwide!

01. MIDI FISTER - Nobody Cares
02. MIDI FISTER - Free Sex
03. MIDI FISTER - Give Me The Gun
04. MIDI FISTER - Hello Robot Girl
05. FAT FRUMOS - Get Fucky
06. FAT FRUMOS - Wish You Happiness And Health
07. DISBREAKZ - Subvert Motherfucker Subvert
08. DISBREAKZ - The Point Of No Return
09. DISTONN - Can’t Stop Us
10. DISTONN - Freedom Fighters
11. DISTONN - Get Ready To Die
12. DISTONN - Kill For Animals, Not Humans

Listen / stream / free download @ Bandcamp

DJ set @ AKC Attack

DJ set from AKC Attack/Medika (19-11-2011). Press play @ Mixcloud.

Disbreakz @ AKC Attack!

19-11-2011 Disbreakz @ AKC Medika. More info at www.attack.hrBe ready punxXx for a total hardcore breakbeat rave night !!!

New RMX - Disjungle Disco Mashup!

Back from the dead. Just finished new/old remix "Disjungle Disco Mashup". This remix is part od "Dis Is For Disco podcast mix" I made for in late 2008! Never released as solo track. Press play.

Remixing Jay Schizoid (D-Trash Records)

Disbreakz new remix "The Next Phaze" is done! Remix is cover song "The Next Extreme" by Jay Schizoid (D-Trash Records owner). Press play and start the riot.